Colbert Off the Air; Twitter Wonders Why

The Colbert Report's unexpected break has sent Twitter abuzz.

Where, oh, where, is Stephen Colbert?

The faux-conservative's popular faux-news show on Comedy Central abruptly suspended production on Wednesday, according to multiple reports Thursday. This news has sent the world abuzz, with speculation flying and Colbert's condition and whereabouts a top trending subject on Twitter, our society's social thermometer.

The show was not taped on Wednesday, and will not be taped again on Thursday due to "unforeseen circumstances," according to a statement issued by Comedy Central. The Daily Show, which precedes Colbert in the network's lineup, is continuing as normal. Both shows were on a week-long break last week.

There is some kind of emergency within Colbert's family, according to reports. Colbert himself has not issued a tweet since Valentine's Day, the Los Angeles Times observed, though he has taken breaks from social media before.

"Stephen Colbert" remained a top ten-trending topic in San Francisco on Thursday afternoon, with media outlets, normal folks and celebrities issuing tweets of astonishment and confusion.

Even "hacktivist" collective Anonymous, at @YourAnonNews, expressed bewilderment. So they're out as suspects, anyway.


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