Cold Enough For Ya? Layer-Up, Bay Area

A rare & unusual plunge of arctic air is dropping down from Canada and blasting the West with some of the coldest air of the year. 
So cold... the temperatures in Los Gatos dropped to 37° at 6pm on Tuesday. This will set us up for plenty of 30's to start Wednesday AM. 
Isolated 20's are possible in the North Bay as well.  Anyone traveling over higher elevation roads above 1,000 feet will also battle icy spots for the morning commute (hwy17). 
Temperatures are expected to be near record lows for the North Bay & East Bay pockets. Don't expect much warming Wednesday as highs will struggle to get out of the 40's.
While Wednesday is cold Thanksgiving AM will be colder!  A second consecutive day of clear and cold air mass will bring potential mid 20's Thanksgiving AM (mainly N. Bay).
Last time it was close to this cold was March 11th when the North Bay had low 30's.
FREEZE WARNING: North Bay &  East Bay Valleys
FROST ADVISORY: Bayside Communities
FREEZE WATCH: All low lying areas for Thursday AM.
WEDNESDAY AM:  Freeze Warning, Upper 20's Low 30's, Icy Mtn. Roads, Dry & Sunny Start
WEDNESDAY PM: Freeze Watch, Temps Drop Quickly, 30's & 40's, Dry & Clear
THANKSGIVING AM: Freeze Watch, 20's & 30's, Dry & Clear

THANKSGIVING PM: Stays Cold, Clear & 40's
*Next rain should arrive late Friday and mainly Saturday. Expect temperatures to warm enough to break the cold snap.
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