Cal Republicans “Racist” Bake Sale

College Republicans at UC Berkeley say that their race-based bake sale, scheduled for Tuesday, is a political statement, but others call it outright discriminatory

They say it's satire. But the plan to hold a bake sale on the UC Bekeley campus with a race-based sliding price sale -- $2, or full price, for white students, down to 25 cents for Native Americans -- is drawing national media attention and nothing but outcry from other student groups.

The Berkeley College Republicans' "Increase Diversity Bake Sale," advertised on Facebook postings, is scheduled for the same time as two on-campus phone banks in support of state legislation that would allow the California State University and University of California systems to consider ethnicity in the admissions process.

The bake sale offers a 25-cent discount for women, and will sell "Asian" pastries for $1.50, "Latino" pastries for $1, "Black/African American" treats for 75 cents and "Native American" for 25 cents, according to the Facebook post. "If you don't come, you're a racist," the post says.

It is set to begin at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

The Republicans admit that the bake sale may be controversial and inflammatory, but they aren't backing down. Indeed, the bake sale is scheduled to go on as planned Tuesday.
On Sunday, a campus group voted 19-0 to condemn the bake sale as discriminatory. Further action could be taken.

Andy Nevis, the executive director of the Berkeley College Republicans, said the bake sale is "a political statement. We believe any attempt to defund Berkeley College Republicans would be unconstitutional."

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