Community Honors Teenagers Killed in Antioch Car Crash

Dozens of people gathered in Antioch Tuesday for a candle light vigil in honor of two teenagers who died in a car crash Friday.

Oakley resident Leana Rubin, 17, was driving near the intersection of Lone Tree Way and Indian Hill Drive after a Deer Valley High School basketball game along with five other teenagers when they crashed.

Thirteen-year-old Jaia Lightner, from Antioch, died at the scene while the other four passengers were hurt. Lightner was a student at Delta Vista Middle School.

"My heart is breaking," said Rubin’s grandmother Annette Castro. "This is a parent’s worst nightmare and a grandparent’s worst nightmare."

Antioch police believe speed and wet roads were the reason behind the crash.

"Leana was not a very experienced driver she just got her license somewhere around Thanksgiving," said Castro.

At the teenager’s vigil, family and friends prayed, cried and remembered the young lives that were so connected.

Lightner’s extended family remembers her as full of love and a daddy’s girl who will never be forgotten.

"This is a show of support that she was loved they just went too soon," said family friend Janice James.

Rubin’s 13-year-old sister was also in the car crash and is recovering at the hospital.

"We need to make something big out of this cause other kids can know that driving is not a joke, it is not a joke," said Castro.

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