Commuters Gripe, Joke About BART Strike

As commuters woke up extra early on Day 1 of the second BART strike to hit the San Francisco Bay Area since July, they griped - and also joked - about their bleary eyes and hours-long trips into the office - if they even went at at all.

And in this Internet-savvy world, some even dusted off their photoshopping tools to create images of themselves relaxing in hammocks - strung between cars - on backed-up roadways as streets and highways began jamming up during the Friday morning commute.

Another person created a fake BART pass and put it into the hands of "Charlie," as in Charlie and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. "I have my golden ticket, Grandpa," the image read.

"I definitely thought I was going to have a Willy Wonka moment," said Scot Diaz, a business systems analyst at Littler Mendelson, a labor law firm in San Francisco. But no one did entice him, or try to bribe away or steal, his coveted BART/bus pass when he showed up in Walnut Creek at 5:30 a.m. to head to work. Still, he thought he'd have a little fun using "Snaggit" to create the silly photo.

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Others were more serious, and even complained that the strike was costing them their jobs.

"Got called for an interview," Gabriela Ruedas tweeted. But because of the BART strike, she apparently couldn't get there. "I'm destined to be a slave a Starbucks forever."

And the social media postings also showed the polarized camps of the strike: pro management and pro union.

Oakland North posted a photo of Local 10 Longshoreman Juan Carnegie, holding up a union sign, saying: "Everywhere there's an attack on labor."

And Kir Strauser tweeted sarcastically at 9:17 a.m. "I finally made it to work this morning. BART employees should try it sometime."

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