Contra Costa County Elections Results: What Passed, What Failed and Who Won

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Cities across Contra Costa County took to the polls on Tuesday, approving a spate of new laws and representatives, and nixing many others. 

Half of the County's 607,515 voters cast their ballots in the 2016 general election, according to county data. Voters largely backed Democratic candidates for all legislature positions, excluding District 16, in which Republican Catharine Baker kept her seat against Democratic challenger Cheryl Cook-Kallio.

There weren't too many surprises in store for county voters this year. Perhaps the biggest of the night (save for the Presidential Election, of course) was the passing of Measure L, establishing rent control, in Richmond. Another upset came to supporters of the BART-funding Measure RR, after it failed to get the two-thirds majority required to pass, with only 60 percent of voters giving it their approval. The Transportation Authority's Measure X, which also required a two-thirds approval, also failed on the ballot. 

Voting also seemed to be a breeze for most cities within the county, with people taking to social media to boast about not waiting in long lines or having issues at the polling place. However, there were some complaints coming out of a Martinez polling station, which some voters found to be small and lacking in necessary privacy. 

A full list of results can be found at the Contra Costa County Elections site, but here are some highlights:

United States Representative, 5th District 

Mike Thompson — 76.48 percent

Carlos Santamaria — 23.53 percent

United States Representative, 9th District

Antonio C. "Tony" Amador — 39.79 percent

Jerry McNerney — 60.21 percent

United States Representative, 11th District

Mark Desaulnier — 71.48 percent

Roger Allen Peterson — 28.52 percent

United States Representative, 15th District

Eric Swalwell — 67.08 percent

Danny R. Turner — 32.92 percent

State Senator, 3rd District

Bill Dodd — 66.29 percent

Mariko Yamada — 33.71 percent

State Senator, 7th District

Steve Glazer — 67.23 percent

Joseph Alexander Rubay — 32.77 percent

State Senate, 9th District

Nancy Skinner — 69.11 percent

Sandre R. Swanson — 30.89 percent

State Assembly, 11th District 

Jim Frazier — 65.05 percent

Dave Miller — 34.72 percent

State Assembly, 14th District

Tim Grayson — 62.28 percent

Mae Cendana Torlakson — 32.72 percent

State Assembly, 15th District

Tony Thurmond — 85.94 percent

Claire Chiara — 14.06 percent

State Assembly, 16th District

Catharine Baker — 55.93 percent

Cheryl Cook-Kallio — 44.07 percent

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor, District 3

Diane Burgis - 59.29 percent

Steve Barr – 40.47 percent

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor, District 5 

Federal Glover – 54.81 percent

AnaMaria Avila Farias – 44.75 percent

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