Conan: “I am Going to Look Sexy and Secure” in Calif.

New "Tonight Show" host comes to the Bay Area

No his head is not bigger than a watermelon and no he doesn't do his marionette act when he walks into a room. In fact about the only thing Hollywood about Conan O'Brien was the make up on his face.

The new host of "The Tonight Show" walked into the NBC Bay Area and Telemundo 48 studios in San Jose on Thursday morning, shot some promos, shook hands, posed for pictures and moved on. And no he did not bring the masturbating bear or Joel Goddard with him. But thanks for asking.

In one promo he said, "I'm on 'The Tonight Show,' Central Valley, after KC24 news." Then he asked the locals shooting the promo, "What the hell is that?" He was joking around of course and got a good laugh. He shot promos for everything from NBC New York to NBC at the pump.

"I'm Conan O'Brien and this is NBC at the pump," he read for one promo before having to have it explained to him that the cut would show up at gas pumps across the country. "No, no I have no problem with that," he said. "Who can afford to go to a gas station anymore? No, no I love it."

The former Simpson's writer was in town to promote his new version of the famed "Tonight Show," which he takes over on June 1 from Jay Leno. But the former host is not going far. Mr. Leno will move to the 10 p.m. time slot where he will host a new prime time talk show leading into the local newscast.

He strolled into the studios wearing a black suit, a dark blue shirt and his signature poofy hairdo. The subdued O'Brien caused quite a stir with reporters, writers, editors and producers wanting to take pictures with him. He took the time to answer some questions, including some of yours. Here are some highlights.

On Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

"It just blows my mind that he's the governor of the state...I took my DMV test yesterday...and I opened up the page and saw a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger...and you can't believe that he's the governor but he is and God bless him."

On the Bay Area

It's especially nice to come to an area like this. It's beautiful. Sometimes they send me to desolate, cold areas but this is nice. I don't mind this.

What can people expect from him on the show?

I think disappointment. Disappointment followed by rage. That's what I bring to television...I think you will see more of what got me through late night. Me being crazy...It's going to be more like "The Martha Stewart Show." Every host puts their own seal on the show and mine is going to be more like Martha Stewart and "Deal or No Deal."

Any changes coming to the show?

The hair is not going to change. I am probably going to change up my style a little bit. Go very Don Johnson 1986ish. I am going to get a tan. I am going to have an operation that allows me to have a tan. Get my ass flattened...I am going to look sexy and secure. A graceful aging woman that's what I'm going to be on "The Tonight Show."

What about music on the show?

We are going to have Max Weinberg and the gang coming along. I am going to change their name to the Conan O'Brien Seven just because I learned legally I can.

On his favorite "Tonight Show" host

I might be my favorite. I think Conan O'Brien really hit it out of the park. It's not really about whose my favorite host.

On Andy Richter joining the show and did he consider a more diverse sidekick

We didn't ask him. It's kind of awkward. He just came in through the window and he won't leave...We reached out to Salma Hayek and there was no interest there. And then we reached out to Eric Estrada and he was interested but then we thought twice. And then we thought Andy Richter, who is actually Hispanic and a lot like a woman.

Will he miss New York?

I'll miss the bagels and I used to go to the Statue of Liberty everyday and say, "I love you Lady Liberty." And now I will eat a burrito every morning.

Is his family coming to Los Angeles?

They're not coming. They cramp my style. In LA I'm starting fresh. I explained that to my wife. No they're coming out. My kids are little but they are excited.

What is the best part about doing these promotional tours?

I am visiting 50 affiliates here in the United States, then off to Guam and North Korea...You get to meet a lot of people, I drink a lot of coffee. I get to see wonderful cities for about 15 minutes. But the wonderful thing is I like meeting people that will be getting "The Tonight Show."

I like people. I'm a middle child. I'm attention starved. Emotionally needy. I like coming to these stations and hanging out too long, being a bit croopy with the women and a bit passive aggressive with the men...Women like to put their fingers in the hair. It's a little bit's a great way to experience Conan O'Brien...My hair just naturally does this. When I was 2-years-old I had this head of hair on a baby's body.

O'Brien hosted "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" for 16 years, where he gained notoriety for his outrageous hair, unique interviews and his zany characters, such as the Horny Manatee, the masturbating bear, his little sister Stacy and of course his most famous character Triumph, the Insult Comic, who liked to poop on everything.

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