Conan's Craigslist Offers: Shed, Grandparents, Cat

Late night talk show host puts his show up for sale on San Francisco-based site

Craigslist has something for everyone, including disgruntled late night talk show hosts and those looking to break into the business.

The San Francisco-based classifieds site is bringing the two together to offer the "chance of a lifetime."

In Conan O'Brien's ongoing quest to single handedly take down the network that has all but shown him the door, the talk show host has put "The Tonight Show" for sale on Craigslist.

"I'm not even sure that I have the authority to do this, but while I still can, I decided to sell the Tonight Show on Craigslist," O'Brien said on his show Thursday night. "We're going to get some calls. This is real. Buy the Tonight Show. You may never get a chance like this again."

On Friday night's show, O'Brien said he received over 3,000 offers -- "most of them from creeps and perverts looking for casual encounters," he said.

His favorite offers? A storage shed, somebody's grandparents and a cat.

So what do intrepid buyers get in return for their cats and grandparents? The sale includes the studio NBC spent more time building than using for Conan -- at least according to Kenneth the Page. The Tonight Show band could be part of the deal, too.

How much does the Burbank fantasy cost? The funnyman is willing to trade the whole dream for a pair of Coldplay tickets, or the best offer available.

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