Concord Police Hunt for Tire Slasher

Someone slashed the tires on at least 60 cars in Concord, with a condominium complex on Bel Air Drive getting hit very hard.

More than a dozen cars in the parking lot on Monday sat with all four tires flattened. 

Concord police started getting calls on Sunday morning and the more they investigated the worse it got.

 Across busy Clayton Road the vandalism continued.  Tires were slashed on Machado Drive and Glazier Drive. 

This included cars on the street and in driveways as well as small work vans.

Resident Danielle Martin woke up to find all four new tires slashed on her older model Honda Accord.

"I'm upset, I'm disappointed, how could someone do something like that," she said.

She isn't sure where the money will come for new ones; she has basic insurance that will probably not cover replacements.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact Financial Crimes Unit Detective Erica Reed at (925) 671-5081, or the Concord Police Department confidential “tip line” at (925) 603-5836.


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