Concord Police Officer Risks Life to Save K-9

A police officer in Concord is being hailed as a hero after his quick thinking helped save his K-9's life, according to police.

Officer Coniglio was managing traffic early Saturday morning at the intersection of Leland Way and Meadow Lane when he heard a truck barrelling toward him and his patrol car, which housed his police dog named Hancock, according to police. Coniglio immediately jumped into his police cruiser and managed to move it a mere two feet.

The truck, which was driven by a person believed to be under the influence, smashed into the police car, according to police. Fortunately for Coniglio and Hancock, those 24 inches of space made a difference.

"It's with certainty that we know if Officer Coniglio was not able to move his patrol vehicle, he and K-9 Hancock would have sustained serious injury or death," police wrote on Facebook.

Coniglio and Hancock both sustained moderate injuries and were transported to respective treatment centers, according to police. Both human and pup are "resting at home and doing well."

Police were originally on scene investigating another DUI-related collision, according to police. Coniglio was standing in front of his squad car managing flares and directing traffic.

That's when the truck entered the scene and plowed into Coniglio's vehicle. The driver of the truck was arrested, treated and transported to the Martinez Detention Facility.

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