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Concord Residents on Alert After Mailbox Theft

Concord residents are victims of a federal crime after a thief was seen breaking in a wall of mail boxes at an apartment complex.

A postal service inspector said in the past months there have been numerous mailboxes that have been broken into.

Federal investigators are working with local authorities in Concord with similar cases.

A resident who lives at a nearby apartment complex wonders if thief is the same one who ransacked the mailbox in his building.

"Even my mailbox was once opened, and I don’t know if I lost something or not," said Concord resident Safiq Hussainkhil.

A postal inspector said that this is not an isolated case and that they are doing the best to find the thieves.

"There is a potential, if it’s a counterfeit postal key, the mere possession of that is a federal felony," said US postal inspector Jeff Fitch said.

If convicted, the thief could face up to ten years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

The postal inspector encourages victims of these thefts to report them as soon as possible – both to local police and the postal inspector’s office.

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