Silicon Valley Conference for Women in Technology to Focus on Wage Equality

It was the Oscar speech heard around the world.

Patricia Arquette's call for equal wages for women is resonating with a group of tech workers in Silicon Valley, where the "Lead On" conference for women in technology will start Tuesday.

The conference packs an all star lineup and a focus on how women can close the wage gap.

"What Patricia Arquette said at the Oscars was fabulous," Watermark CEO Marlene Williamson said. "It's an issue that has been around for a long time."

The issue also hits home in Silicon Valley, where women still earn less than their male counterparts and 90 percent of all venture funding goes to companies started by men.

How to get equal pay will be among the keynote topics at the conference held at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

"Everybody look in the mirror and ask, "What can you do to raise and elevate the conversation about the economic impact of gender diversity in the workforce?" Williamson said. "We can all make more progress."

Hillary Clinton is scheduled to give the lead keynote at the conference.

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