Good Luck Getting Rollins to Give Up the Mic

Punk rock legend to address college grads

You only have yourselves to blame Sonoma. Let us warn you about the man you have chosen to address some of your finest and brightest.

Henry Rollins goes off

Yes Henry Rollins has won a Grammy award for his singing and yes he has even appeared as an actor alongside such Bay Area legends as Chris Isaak. But the man likes to talk. He fancies himself a poet, a social commentator, activist, a political thinker, a punk rock singer, a body builder and a vagabond philosopher, just to name a few of his traits.

Don't blame us when he refuses to hand the mic back to you. You might want to have some plan to wrestle the mic away from the chizzeled arms of the former singer of the punk rock band Black Flag when he delivers the commencement speech at Sonoma State University on May 23. University  officials be forewarned.

He will address graduates from the schools of Education, Arts and  Humanities, and Business and Economics at 9 a.m., and graduates from the  School of Science and Technology, and Social Sciences at 3 p.m.

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