Congregations Come Together in Wake of Newtown Tragedy

Congregations came together on the Peninsula to help support one another in the face of deadly violence in Newtown, Conn.

Hundreds of people attended an interfaith service at First Presbyterian Church in Burlingame Monday night. The pastor read the name of each child and adult killed, lighting a candle in their honor. Worshippers prayed and cried before a table ablaze with too many flames.

The violence happened across the country, but hits close to home for nearly every family.

"We lost young kids I have three of my own my heart goes out to those moms, parents and town," said Nirmaala Bandrapallo, who brought her nine-year-old daughter to the service.

Many wonder how families there will find the strength to carry on with the holidays for the sake of the surviving children. The church was filled with comforting prayer and song.  But questions about what can be done to prevent another school shooting remain.

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