Donald Trump

Congresswoman Assuages Constituents Fearful of Deportation

Bay Area Congresswoman Jackie Speier spoke with concerned constituents Saturday about President-elect Donald Trump's potentially controversial immigration policies and threats of deportation.

Hosting a town hall discussion, Speier tried to appease anxieties and let her constituents from San Francisco and San Mateo counties know that she will do what she can to protect families featuring undocumented parents and students protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, or DACA, a program that allows undocumented students to attend school and join the workforce in the United States.

"The fact that we have created DACA, which has given them the right to continue in school and to work as well, is not something we can take away," Speier said.

Only time will tell until the country is made aware of Trump's immigration related decrees, but fears among those benefiting from DACA continue to exist.

"I'm very scared, not for me, but for my parents," Karolina Soto, a student protected by DACA, said. "I'm scared because both of them are undocumented so I'm scared that they will be deported and I'll come home from school and won't see them there."

Speier voiced a need for immigration reform and stated that "we have to create a pathway to citizenship" for those undocumented folks being educated and employed "who have played by the rules."

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