Connecticut’s Top Cop on Craigslist Sex Crusade

Eastern state's top lawmaker wants documents relating to sex trade

Loic le Meur

Connecticut Attorney General Dick Blumenthal, who's currently running for the United States Senate, is on the war path against Craigslist again.

Blumenthal is demanding that the San Francisco-based on line classifieds site turn over documents relating to its policies to keep the sex trade off the site, and whether or not its profiting from the adult services ads.

However, Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster says that the company hasn't been served with a subpoena, and mocked Blumenthal for not letting "the facts get in the way of a good photo op."

Meanwhile, the man suspected of attempting to bomb Times Square apparently purchased the truck used to carry out the scheme through Craigslist.

Shahzad Faisal made the mistake of using his real name when replying to an ad on Craigslist in order to purchase the vehicle, and was arrested attempting to fly to Dubai.

So, Blumenthal wants to keep the public safe from sex workers, but not alleged terrorists? Talk about your poorly timed attempts to generate publicity at someone else's expense.

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