Police: Santa Clara University Student Intentionally Run Over in Oregon

A Santa Clara University student is recovering at an Oregon hospital after officials say someone ran him over on purpose.

Conor McMahon, 20, was visiting his family in Portland for the holidays.

After a New Year's Eve party, McMahon and a few friends were walking down a street in North Portland when a man in a mini-van or small SUV pulled up and offered them a ride.

McMahon’s parents say their son and his friends declined and the man drove away. But he made a U-turn, sped into the wrong lane, and hit McMahon from behind.

McMahon suffered a broken pelvis and internal injuries, but doctors expect him to survive.

“His rehab is gonna be six months to a year, and he may still have to face a new normal,” said Pat McMahon, Conor’s father.

Police are still searching for the driver.

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