Daly City

Construction Worker Killed in Trench Collapse in Daly City

A construction worker was killed in a trench collapse at a construction site in Daly City, authorities said Friday.

The incident was reported 11:20 a.m. at a new housing development on 118 Linda Vista Drive, near Robertson Intermediate School and west of Highway 101. Authorities said the worker was installing a 24-inch concrete storm drain about 12 feet deep when the trench collapsed.

Two search and rescue teams were on scene late Friday attempting to recover the worker's body.

"They're trying to remove some of the dirt and debris from the area to stray and stabilize to allow the rescue workers to go in to extricate the victim," said Inspector Clyde Preston from the North County Fire Department.

The woerker was reportedly grading a 12-foot deep trench when it collapsed just before noon Friday. When emergency crews arrived, they found the worker was partially buried in the rubble.

"Fire fighter and paramedics at the scene evaluated the victim and declared the person dead at the scene," said Preston.

Power was turned off for a while in the afternoon as crews took down a power pole right next to the accident scene.

"It’s sad," said neighbor Nazmeen Kadir. "It’s unfortunate, it’s very sad, I mean, you know, I really feel bad for the family."

California Occupational Safety and Health Administration was at the scene to inspect the safety of the site, but it is unknown when crews will be able to pull the man's body from the trench.

No other information was immediately available.

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