North Bay

Contra Costa Businesses Work Outdoors Amid Unhealthy Air Conditions

Bay Area residents are on high alert as California wildfires have made the air quality unsafe. However, for some, staying indoors is not an option.

Lily Gonzalez serves tacos and burritos and she has no other option than to deal with the additional smoke from the North Bay fires as her and her co-worker can't afford to take time off work.

"It feels really bad. It’s getting to a point it’s really bad, have to have mask on," Gonzalez said.

Like her, other Bay Area residents are advised to wear protective masks as the smoke from the Camp Fire has reached a very unhealthy level in Contra Costa County.

The air quality index (AQI) in Contra Costa County has gotten so bad that being outside for a certain amount of time is said to be the equivalent of smoking a pack or two of cigarettes every day.

Dr. Ori Tzvieli with Contra Costa County Health services said it’s best to stay indoors but if residents must work outside, wearing a mask could help.

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