Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County Firefighters Warn of Potentially Devastating Fire Season

The Bay Area will be hit with scorching temps this weekend and potential dry lightning storms.

Firefighters in response are warning Contra Costa County residents to be on alert. If the predictions are right, firefighters say this could be a devastating fire season.

Contra Costa County Fire Department says crews responded to an average of two fires daily during the last fire season. They also predict this year will be worse.

"Based on our forecasts we believe we're in for an even more dangerous, potentially dangerous fire season this year," said Steve Hill, Contra Costa County Fire spokesperson.

Hill said on top of the hot dry and windy weather, this year's rain pattern may intensify the fire season.

"There's a lot more fuel out there," Hill said.

Hill said last year's crews were incredibly busy from May to November.

This year the department predicts up to 25% more wildfires in the county, despite the slow start so far.

"Each and every one of those wildfires is the potential for the beginning of a disastrous deadly wildfire like we've seen in neighboring counties," Hill said.

Firefighters hope the warning is enough to convince people to do everything to make their homes and businesses fire safe, including creating defensible space.

Contra Costa County Fire says virtually every wildfire crews responded to in the county last year was caused by people.

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