Contra Costa County Holds Gun Buyback

Residents exchange guns for gift cards in East Bay

The number of guns in East Bay households shrank today, as several communities partnered for a Contra Costa County-wide gun buyback.

Police from Antioch, Concord, Martinez, and Richmond examined and packed up handguns and shotguns at three buy-back locations.

Residents surrendered the weapons anonymously in exchange for gift cards, ranging from $50 for handguns to $200 for assault rifles.

"I have some old guns that I don't need anymore, I don't use," buyback participant Nick Dalessio said. "I used to hunt. I don't need them anymore, so I'm just gonna give them up"
Police said gun-buyback programs limit one especially serious crime--and that is the theft of guns from homes because stolen guns are so often used in violent crimes.


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