Contra Costa Co. Deputy Accused of Having Sex With Inmates

Deputy Sheriff Patrick Morseman was arrested Wednesday afternoon, according the Sheriff's Office

A Contra Costa County sheriff's deputy who is accused of having "unlawful sex" with inmates in Richmond is out on bail after being arrested Wednesday afternoon, the Sheriff's Office said.

Office of the Sheriff received allegations on Tuesday about Contra Costa Deputy Sheriff Patrick Morseman, 26, having unlawful sexual acts with two female inmates at the West County Detention Facility, according to the Sheriff's Office.

"Within 24 hours of learning of the allegations, we had interviewed the victims, collected and analyzed physical evidence, obtained search warrants, located the suspect and made the arrest," Sheriff David Livingston said in a statement.

Morseman was booked at the county jail for "engaging in sexual activity with a consenting adult in a detention facility," the Sheriff's statement said.

"We are now moving forward with termination of employment and providing assistance services to the victims," Livingston continued.

It also appears there was an exchange of funds between Morseman and the two inmates "where money was placed into their accounts," said Jimmy Lee from the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department. "What he did was inexcusable and criminal, and he will be held accountable."

Neighbors of Morseman are stunned at the allegations, some don’t believe it.

"Patrick's just a great kid he's always been a great kid," said neighbor Ruth Hook. "There's no indication at all that he'd do anything remotely close to something like that."

The investigation is ongoing and the case will be presented to the District Attorney's Office before formal charges are filed.

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