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Controversial Chant Leads to San Francisco Election Night Drama

The battle for San Francisco district attorney is still too close to call, but there is a new twist surrounding the race and it has nothing to do with the candidates.

As of late Wednesday, returns showed the top two candidates are interim District Attorney Suzy Loftus and Deputy Public Defender Chesa Boudin.

The race was already tight and contentious, but a chant led by city leaders at an election party has pitted a city leader against the head of the police officers association.

While onstage at an election night party for Boudin, San Francisco Supervisor Sandra Fewer is captured on video leading a vulgar chant against the city's police officers association. Boudin said he wasn't involved.

"I understand where the frustration comes from, I didn't appreciate the POA's role in this case. I think it was really misleading and dishonest," Boudin said.

During the race, the San Francisco Police Officers Association released attack ads and fliers against Boudin.

The POA on Wednesday delivered Fewer a letter, along with two boxes of soap "so she can clean up her language."

In the letter, POA President Tony Montoya called for an apology for the chant, which he calls an "unhinged attack" on police. Fewer responded with an apology for officers, but not to the POA's leadership. She calls their campaign ads "an example of the organization tone deaf and poisonous rhetoric attempting to influence city elections."

Fresh off her victory, Mayor London Breed weighed in calling for unity.

"I don't think it helps our city to be divisive and to create an atmosphere that is divisive when we should be working together," Breed said. "I don't think it helps our city to be divisive and to create an atmosphere that is divisive when we should be working together."

Amid the drama, the race for DA is still too close to call and ballots are still being processed.

"We expect to get through the vote by mail ballot processing for this election mostly by this Friday," San Francisco Director of Elections John Artz said.

Loftus was not available for an interview Wednesday, but her campaign provided a statement saying she looks forward to seeing the final results acknowledging as that the race is too close to call.

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