“Cops” Reality Show to Feature San Jose Police

If you have a run-in with San Jose police over the next ten weeks, you may end up on television.

The popular reality show ‘Cops’ is coming to San Jose.

For the first time in the show's 26-year history, the TV producers will be filming in the South Bay city. 

They will film through June with swing shift and midnight shift, according to the Mercury News.

San Jose police say the reality show filming could actually be a morale booster.  Apparently a number of officers are excited about the opportunity and have volunteered to be involved. 

There is a secondary benefit aside from the television exposure. Police believe the publicity could be used to aid in recruiting officers to the ranks. 

Right now, San Jose police have more than 1,000 officers, but in 2008 that number was about 1,400. 

It’s believed issues like the ongoing pension reform battle and other decisions that could impact the bottom line have led officers to seek opportunities elsewhere. 

The department is hoping officers act natural and enjoy the experience – while residents get a clearer picture of what officers really do out in the streets.

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