The Interview: John Wood

Raj Mathai sits down with Room to Read founder, John Wood. He shares why the Bay Area is so important in his mission to eradicate illiteracy

He's one man who literally turned  the page on global literacy.

We're talking about John Wood, who lived the high life as a high-tech executive, but gave it all up to do something bigger.

He is on a personal mission to give every child access to books.

A big challenge, no doubt, but after founding the non-profit, Room to Read, he's well on his way to achieving that goal.

The facts are impressive:

  • 15,000 libraries
  • 1,600 schools built all over Africa and southeast Asia
  • 12 million books distributed

Now, in The Interview with Raj, John Wood talks about why Room to Read is headquartered in San Francisco, how integral Silicon Valley has been to the success of his non-profit, and why he has no plans to ever jump back into the corporate world. His new book, Creating Room to Read, was released last month.

You can watch the interview at the top of this article.

We also have a web extra with Wood with his answer to a question that came from a Facebook fan.  You can see that below.

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