Couple Holds iWedding

lolbevc / Instagram

A New York couple took their love for all things Apple a little too far.

Newlyweds Josh and Ting Li tied the knot on Valentine's Day in what may have been the first ever iWedding. The couple said their i-vows in front of friends, loved ones, and the Genius bar at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue.  They posted the whole thing on YouTube.

There was some logic behind the seemingly illogical wedding venue: Josh and Ting first met at an Apple store.

"We got to know each other because Ting was looking to buy an iPod and I managed to strike up a conversation that way," Josh told Entertainment Weekly.

The real Steve Jobs did not make it to the nuptials, but the man who officiated the ceremony did his best Jobs imitation, wearing Jobs' trademark tight jeans and black turtleneck. The real Apple CEO was quoted at least once during the ceremony.

"We are here tonight not only to look for new iPhone cases but to participate and witness the ceremony," the pseudo Steve Jobs read.

Fake Steve Jobs officiated the ceremony reading from a script on an iPhone, and the rings were carried on a first generation iPod.

While it is not confirmed if the couple used an app to write their personalized vows, we should note here that there is an app for that.

No word yet on starting an iFamily.

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