COVID-19 Outbreaks Widen at East Contra Costa School Districts

NBC Universal, Inc.

COVID-19 cases continue to rise at schools in East Contra Costa County after districts in Brentwood and Oakley reopened to in-person instruction last week.

The outbreak in the Brentwood Union School District has grown from 10 confirmed cases to 19, and at least 117 students and four staffers there are "showing symptoms" of COVID-19 but had not yet tested positive. Last week, that number was 45.

In the Liberty Union High School District in Brentwood, there are 48 confirmed COVID-19 infections, half of which are at Liberty High School.

In Oakley's Union Elementary School District, cases went from three last week to 19 this week.

Elementary and many middle school students cannot yet get the vaccine, though the American Academy of Pediatrics is pleading with the Food and Drug Administration to approve a vaccine for children.

As far as booster shots are concerned for those already vaccinated, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, the group that advises the CDC, will take up the issue Friday.

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