COVID-19 Variant First Identified in Brazil Found in Santa Clara County

The COVID-19 variant first identified in Brazil has been detected in Santa Clara County for the first time, the county announced Thursday.

The P.1 variant was found in a county resident who was tested in mid-March after they returned from another state, the county said.

"The presence of the P.1 variant, in addition to the spread of other variants, is a strong reminder that our collective progress in controlling the virus remains tenuous," the county said in a statement. "Community members should continue prevention measures that have already proven highly protective against COVID-19. Non-essential travel is strongly discouraged, and everyone should continue to wear a mask, keep their distance, and get vaccinated when it’s their turn."

As of March 20, the county has also had two confirmed cases of the variant first detected in South Africa and 19 confirmed cases of the variant first detected in the United Kingdom.

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