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Coyote Attack in Golden Gate Park Has Dog Owners Concerned

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Dog owners in San Francisco on Tuesday were reacting to the news of a coyote attack in Golden Gate Park in broad daylight.

The dog was so badly injured, it had to have surgery.

The attack happened near the polo fields at 11 a.m., and several coyotes were involved. Those are just two of the factors that have dog lovers concerned. Some dog owners want the coyote population reduced humanely.

"They need to be relocated or something because to have five attack one dog, that’s terrifying!" San Francisco resident Kay Petrini said.

Heather Carrico and her pet Weezy, a 7-year-old Boston terrier, encountered a coyote in the same location about 6 weeks ago.

"We noticed the coyote behind us so we started walking pretty quickly up towards the lake," Carrico said. "And I looked back, and he was still following us."
The quicker pace left the coyote behind.

Other dog owners are torn. Gina Edwards is well aware of coyotes in Golden Gate Park.

"I’m very sympathetic to the owner for sure, but at the same time, it’s something that we are all aware of, and maybe she walks her dog somewhere else," Edwards said.

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