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Coyotes Preying on Pets in San Jose Community, Residents Say

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Some residents in a San Jose community are now arming themselves when they go out for walks with their pets due to coyote concerns.

Residents in The Villages neighborhood say coyotes are taking over and they're preying on neighborhood pets.

"We've got the dogs on a short leash in this hand and the bat in this hand," resident Karen Peters said. "Just hope for a good walk."

Resident Colleen McIntyre described a recent encounter.

"I just came out to take my dog for a walk this morning and I turned around and there were two coyotes just coming out between a couple of the condos," she said. "I just picked [my dog] up and went in the house."

Marley, a neighborhood dog, also had a recent close encounter.

"Got him by the neck and my wife charged the coyote and the coyote backed off and so our dog survived," resident Doug Pickering said.

The Villages said vector control monitors the incidents weekly. They survey the perimeter fencing and seal access point, but they say only the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has the authority to trap the coyotes.

The neighborhood association issues weekly alerts and warns residents to be on guard, advising them to make a lot of noise to keep the coyotes away.

"They’re very aggressive," Pickering said. "No question in my mind that they would take a bite out of one of us if we got too close or intimidate them."

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