Michelle Roberts

Crab Season Kicks Off Saturday With One Warning from Health Officials

It's that time of year.

Crab season will kick off Saturday morning.

The Fish and Wildlife Department says the crabs are safe to eat, which is a relief for restaurant owners and fishermen who had a rough season last year.

Health officials say the meat is safe but are urging people not to eat the guts of the crab where there could be slight traces of domoic acid.

Half Moon Bay locals swear it’s the best crab you can find, and recreational fisherman will head out to sea to kick off the crabbing season on Saturday.

“I love crab so when it’s not around I’m kind of bummed out about it,” said Lonnie Whitaker of Half Moon Bay.

All of last season was a bummer for seafood lovers and devastated fisherman.

“It was very frustrating. A lot of people didn’t fare too well,” said crab fisherman Tony Urie.

Commercial crabbing was delayed four months due to high levels of domoic acid found in the crabs.

Warm waters linked to El Nino allowed the algae to grow.

“I’m an optimist but I feel real good about it,” Urie said.

Urie is a commercial crabbing captain. His season starts in two weeks.

So on Friday, his crew was making sure the equipment is ready for a big year.

“Crab fisherman are hoping one of the pots brings in about $170 when it’s full,” Urie said.

And Urie expects all of them to be filled up once a day.

“It’s just crab, crab, crab,” said Albert Dunne, owner of the Princeton Seafood Company.

Princeton Seafood Company is just steps away from Pillar Point Harbor.

“They’re trying to get the local product and we’re going to be ready for them,” he said.

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