Craigslist Immortalized in Song by Bay Area MCs

The inevitable has finally happened with Da Oowop's hip-hop tribute to the black market trade in sex and drugs on Craigslist

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While not likely to blow up any charts any time soon, there 's endless geek novelty value to "Craigslist Money" by local crew Da Oowop

"Wallets stay busted because this money don't stop," reports the band of the trade in cocaine and prostitution.

If the band is, in fact, making mad bills on Craigslist, they might want to think about sticking with their day job.

And the boasts are a little hard to believe when Da Oowop's Geo C admits that he shined the pennies for his loafers before going to church back in the day on Twitter.

Is it worth a listen? "It also sounds like they had to use some knockoff shareware version of AutoTune," reports Nation of Thizzlam.

In other words, no.

However, if they did actually choose open source software to mechanically sing the chorus on key, then it bolsters a case to be made that it represents a historic crossover between nerdcore and hyphy.

Jackson West points out that clearly someone is maximizing Craigslist's profit potential.

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