Crazy Weather Is Confusing the Vegetables

Lack of sun keeps veggies underground

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All the rain we've been having is a wardrobe issue for most of us as we are forced to keep the sundresses at bay, but it could spell big money trouble for Northern California farmers.

It's already caused a delay in several crops like tomatoes and zucchini.   The extended winter weather well into springtime has caused them to delay sprouting.  This time of year the farmers should be picking the veggies for market and they still haven't popped their little  heads out of the ground.

There is more rain, wind and hail forecast for Thursday and that will only delay the little buggers even longer from doing what they are supposed to do -- and become our summer side dish.

People who have cherry and apricot orchards are particularly worried because the wet weather is putting their entire crop at risk.

Yes, life is not a bowl of cherries these days at Tachella Family Farm n Brentwood.

"If we get a significant amount of rain and it's followed by a significant amount of heat it's gonna split the cherries and start the molding process and it molds overnight," Kathy Tachella said.

So far the rain hasn't caused too much damage, but if you look to the sky today you will see more rain is on the way.

Already, the rain and hail has left nicks in the fruit's skin.

"There's nothing you can do about it we can talk about it until we're blue in the face that's the life of a farmer," Tachella said.

For small family farms like this one, any loss hurts.

The wild weather is good news for Tahoe-area resorts. Squaw Valley is reopening this weekend thanks to recent snowfall.

The unsettled weather is expected to move on by Thursday night.  After that the holiday weekend looks dry and a bit warmer.

While this spring rainfall is unusual, experts say it is getting more attention because it follows three years of drought.  And yes,  El Nino has had at least some influence on the forecasts.


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