Creme Brulee on the Move Around SF

Roving Creme Brulee Cart hits the streets of San Francisco where a fine dining experience complete with desert can be found if you are lucky enough to cross paths.

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Josh Keppel
"The Creme Brulee Guy," as he likes to be called, sprinkles some sugar onto one of his delicious creations in a back alley of San Francisco's Mission District.
Flavors include: Vanilla - the classic, Chocolate - which I haven't tried yet but is supposed to be really good, Bailey's - made with the Irish Cream liqueur, and my favorite, The Big Lebowski - a White Russian of dessert deliciousness. Each cost only $3, at least half the price of a creme brulee anywhere else you can find one.
Jason Hewlett/Virginia Roberts Photography via TODAY
The Creme Brulee Cart sets up shop around the city in various spots at random times, mostly in the Mission and often with sibling, Magic Curry Kart.
Magic Curry Kart started up a few months ago, and for only $5 you can get yourself a home cooked plate of made-to-order curry.
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The night I stumbled upon these guys I had just finished eating a meal, so I didn't get to try the curry, but when you find them, the routine is to put your name down on the Magic Curry Kart clipboard and wait your turn to have your meal prepared right before your eyes. You may want to spend your idle time buying and consuming at least one creme brulee because they might all be gone by the time you've eaten your curry.
Josh Keppel
The Creme Brulee Guy makes up a bunch of aluminum cups of really tasty creme brulee at home, and then brings his cart out around town, only notifying people via twitter @cremebruleecart when and where he'll be open for business.
Telemundo San Antonio
Once he's picked a spot to set up shop, all he has to do is fire up the blowtorch and prepare each dessert made to order.
Josh Keppel
This is probably the freshest creme brulee you will ever have without making it yourself, because you are right there as it is being prepared and can start noshing on it as soon as the flame leaves the hardened sugar.
Josh Keppel
These real-life brothers, Creme Brulee Guy and Magic Curry Man, often set up shop near the Mission Pool at 19th and Linda Streets.
Josh Keppel
Magic Curry Man said, "I have been cooking curry and I got good at it, and I've been struggling at working full-time as a therapist." So, he decided to give this a go.
Magic Curry Man said he was inspired to do this after watching Obama give a speech which somehow made him think, "Around the world half of the people eat off the street and here in SF there is no street food, especially for vegetarians. This neighborhood (The Mission) must have had street food in the past."
Telemundo San Antonio
Shortly after Magic Curry Man started, his brother soon followed with a dessert option for the Curry Kart diners. Creme Brulee Guy hit a nerve and demand has steadily grown with his nightly supplies often vanishing as patrons are still streaming in.
Josh Keppel
Sean-Michael Lewis (right) came by with his buddy to have some curry and creme brulee, and he thinks part of the success is because, "these guys are really personable. It's fun to hang out with them while they make it, and it's affordable!"
Telemundo San Antonio
The night I caught up with them, Creme Brulee Guy got a special delivery of his new logo, seen here.
Josh Keppel
Creme Brulee Guy told me he was up until 12:30 a.m. the night before cooking the inventory, and then he had to get up at 5:30 a.m. the next day for his day job before being out on the street hawking the cups of tasty goodness until well past 10 p.m. This guy is dedicated!
Josh Keppel
Magic Curry Man said, "My dream is to have a roving street market with DJs, music, and multiple carts." Sounds pretty awesome to me! ( Editor's note: Seven months later, Magic Curry Man's dream came true: )
Telemundo San Antonio
Creme Brulee Guy told me that, "a woman from Yelp called and said that I [recently] had 3000 different people look at my page which is in the top 1% of the site." The night I took this photo was a record night where C.B.G sold-out all of the 62 cups he'd brought. Something tells me sell-outs are going to be the norm now.
As I was walking back home, a number of people were heading the other way down the dead end street. A lady looked at me with hopeful eyes as she said, "Is that the Creme Brulee Cart?" "Yeah, but he's sold out," I broke it to her. "Noooooooooo" she trailed off as she literally started running down the street toward the cart. You can see her on the left as well as a car and a couple of other guys on the right about to have their hopes and dreams crushed. Better luck next time...
This is what you don't want to find, an empty cart. So check out the twitter page @cremebruleecart and find out when and where to be and no lollygagging.
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