San Jose

Crews Find Hiker Reported Missing in East San Jose Foothills

A slew of search and rescue personnel on Monday tracked down a hiker who got separated from his two friends at San Jose's Alum Rock County Park in what was a 5-hour ordeal, according to San Jose police.

Cal Fire, the San Jose Fire Department, Santa Clara County Parks rangers and San Jose officers responded to the scene, where the search for a man began about 2:10 p.m., San Jose fire officials said.

Crews found the man, known only as Victor, walking down Alum Rock Avenue just before sunset, police said.

A friend of the missing hiker said Victor has a heart condition.

"He has a pacemaker," David Hurtado said. "They wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with his heart."

Hurtado said the group got lost and stumbled onto private property, where they encountered the owner, who told them they'd better leave or he was going to "get something." 

Fearing the property owner would return with a gun, the trio ran and got separated, Hurtado said.

At least 50 searchers responded to the scene, working on the ground and from the air.

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