Crossing Metallica Is Bad Karma

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Brian Scott, NBC 5

Making a metal singer angry is bad karma.

Just ask Marin County, whose attempt to cross Metallica frontman James Hetfield's property with a natural trail is falling on hard times.

Marin Country approved a trail bypass to connect the Terra Linda-Sleepy Hollow Divide and the Loma Alta open space preserves to the dismay of some.

Hetfield had angered nature enthusiasts years ago by putting up a fence to prevent trespassers from damaging his adjoining property.

In July the county conducted a study that found there was no significant impact from the trail to the surrounding areas. The study gave the connecting trail, that would open to hikers, bikers and horseback-riders, the green light to move forward.

But now the light is flashing red. The trail is over budget before construction has even begun.

Construction costs have jumped from $150,000 to $250,000. County parks department Deputy Director Ronald Miska told the Marin Independent Journal "geotechnical, biological and other required studies" are responsible for the overruns.

County officials were expected to analyze the cost overruns at a meeting this week.

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