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Crowd Protests Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's Bay Area Visit

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was met by protesters outside the Four Seasons Hotel in East Palo Alto Thursday.

The crown prince is in the Silicon Valley to meet with high-tech executives but protesters say those partnerships should wait until the conflict in Yemen is over.

"We don't stand for this war, we don't support this war, we don't want him in the bay, we don’t want him in our homeland of Yemen as well," said protester Jehan Hakim.

A group called the Yemeni Alliance protested the prince’s visit, claiming people in Yemen should not live in fear. They shouted "blood on your hands!" and "hey hey, ho ho, war in Yemen has to go!"

Pro-Yemen Group Protests Saudi Prince in Bay Area

Protesters had a clear message despite the prince’s earlier statements about Israel that made many people hope for a more peaceful Middle East.

"They have to stop the war in Yemen, they have to stop selling weapons to criminals, who support ISIS, who support Al-Qaeda," said protester Salah Alalah.

A group of senators recently tried to put a bill forward to limit United States’ support for the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, but the bill has since been tabled.

The prince is expected to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

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