Cruise Ship Worked Over on San Francisco Waterfront

It's a little busier at the drydock these days in the City That Vaguely Remembers How

Yes, it's true, there actually are blue-collar jobs left in San Francisco if the work being done on the Sea Princess on Pier 70 is any indication.

The cruise ship, originally built in Italy in 1998, is taking a spa break and getting a makeover.

San Francisco used to be one of the world's premier seaports and shipyards, with the first steel-hulled ship built anywhere on the shores of the Pacific launched in 1885.

During World War II, the combined efforts of the shipyards on San Francisco made it the most productive shipbuilding port in the country, if not the world.

But shipbuilding got on the slow boat to China South Korea long ago. So rather than build ships in San Francisco, we redecorate them. Progress?

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