Cute Overload: Tiger Cubs at Play

Be prepared to see some of the cutest pictures ever.

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Siberian tigers Maxim, a male, and Mischa, female, are almost five months old now and already weigh about 70 pounds each. Here they are at play in the swimming tank at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo.
Alexis Leppich
It might be hard to believe, but tigers love to swim. These little cubs even like to go underwater.
Nancy Chan
Maxim will grow to be 400-500 pounds and Mischa will weigh between 350-400 pounds when she's fully grown.
Nancy Chan
They use their big paws to paddle through the water, kind of a doggie-paddle style.
Nancy Chan
Come on, have you seen anything cuter recently?
Neema Roshania Newsworks
Siberian tigers are endangered in the wild.
Nancy Chan
Maxim and Mischa love to splash around in the tank -- perfect for a day in the summer heat.
Nancy Chan
The cubs take their cues from the older cats in the exhibit, including Odin, Fedor, Akasha and Nalin.
Nancy Chan
Guests can visit Maxim and Mischa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on weekends through Jan. 2, 2011.
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