Da Mayor Says Obama Will Get a New Veep

San Francisco political icon predicts the president will lose Biden

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has never been shy to make bold predictions.

But the latest vision to come to "Da Mayor" comes in the form of a political shake up of the highest levels.

As President Barack Obama comes to San Francisco on Wednesday, Gothamist reports that the City's former mayor can see a future where Mr. Obama has a new vice president.

There has been some scuttlebutt that Obama may replace Biden on the ticket with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Brown sees another power politician filling the void.

Brown says he is predicting that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be Obama's running mate and Biden will replace Clinton as the secretary of state.

"Here's a prediction: Vice President Biden moves over to secretary of state, with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo stepping in to bring new blood to the Obama re-election campaign," Brown said.

"He's a big name, a big-state governor. And a Democrat who is taking on the issue of pubic-employee salaries and pensions. Plus, he looks good."

For what it's worth, Cuomo's people say that the governor is not interested in the job.

"The governor is committed to working for the people of New York and is not going anywhere," a source close to Cuomo told The New York Post.

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