Dalai Lama to Bring Message to Silicon Valley

How can Silicon Valley businesses grow and make money -- and do so in a way that's not morally bankrupt?

It would take the Dalai Lama himself to work out a solution. And luckily, the Dalai Lama himself is coming to Silicon Valley to speak about making money while making the world better.

"Business, Ethics and Compassion" is the topic of his Feb. 24 talk at Santa Clara University, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

The Dalai Lama has made the topic of "universal responsibility" a theme throughout his career, noted religious studies professor David B. Gray, and in a Silicon Valley where housing costs and disparate earnings potential are front-and-center, he may likely sound off on how to solve those problems.

"Shared sacrifice" among all participants in the Silicon Valley economy is likely to be the call which the Dalai Lama will make, Gray estimates, which means participation in disrupting inequality will have to come from all sides.

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