San Francisco

BART Tries to Find a Solution to Parking Issues at its Stations

Schedule issues, cleanliness and lack of parking are some concerns BART executives have been hearing during a two-day workshop in San Francisco.

The goal is to resolve problems for riders, which includes parking at the Daly City BART station.

BART board members brainstormed Friday different ways to create more parking or to maximize existing space for drivers.

The parking lot currently holds 49,000 spots of which 6,500 are set aside for monthly permits holders.

"It tells me that people will pay anything," Bart Director Robert Raburn said.

One option to improve parking is to change prices at different times of the day or week which would be based on the demand of riders.

"I am soundly in favor of being in the transportation business, and not in the money-making business for parking lots," BART Director John McFarland said.

The West Oakland BART station is the only terminal that currently serves as a "test" case where there is no $3 cap for drivers.

One of the most promising option, is to create a permit for carpool drivers which would let commuters share a spot which can be booked using the BART mobile app.

The carpool plan is set to launch in May.

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