Dan Majerle Catches Ground-Rule Double One-Handed

Getty Images

Gotta be honest here: I'm really disappointed in myself that I didn't post this video of Dan Majerle making a one-handed grab of a ground-rule double sooner.

But it's so awesome that I'm rolling it out anyway. Just to set things up: it was the May 12th game between the Giants and the Diamondbacks, the score was tied 1-1 and Matt Cain was pitching to Gerardo Parra.

Parra laced the ball to center, it took one hop and it went careening over the wall where DAN MAJERLE CAUGHT IT ONE-HANDED WHILE HOLDING A PLATE OF FOOD.

And then ... the look. Talk about a showman. Of course, when you take the video and put it in GIF form (via SB Nation) his stare at the camera only becomes that much more amazing. I might say this about every great GIF but my goodness this is mesmorizing.

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