D'Angelo, Mary J. Blige Share Top Billing

The R&B stars stop at Sleep Train Pavilion on September 8.

The sound of two inflluential artists finding their musical freedom can be heard this weekend as singers D'Angelo and Mary J. Blige co-star on the history-making Liberation Tour, which stops at Concord's Sleep Train Pavilion on September 8.

Mary J. Blige has been a regularly welcomed visitor to Bay Area concert stages over the years. She most recently appeared at Oakland's Fox Theater in November 2011, when she performed her classic album My Life in its entirety and shared songs from her most recent (and 10th) studio album My Life . . . The Journey Continues (Act 1).

D'Angelo is altogether a much more rare sighting. The notoriously reclusive singer virtually disappeared from the music business after releasing the Voodoo album in 2000 and has only recently returned to the live stage. He is rumored to be near completion of a brand new album.

Both artists have faced turbulent ups and downs of redemption and recovery on their respective roads to success. They've emerged strong, with their most extraordinary gifts intact. It's a show that promises to be no less than a supernova of soul.

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