Monterey County

Beachgoers, Be Warned! Dangerous Surf Conditions Along the California Coast

The sun on Sunday is beaming down on the Bay Area between storms, but dangerous conditions have not left the area entirely.

Pounding swells, rip currents and sneaker waves are just some of the hazards that officials say beachgoers should pay close attention to this weekend.

The beach warnings extend from the Sonoma County coastline to Monterey County.

Beachgoers are encouraged to always keep an eye on the water and to never turn their back to the ocean. Fishermen are asked not to fish from rocks or jetties. Swimmers should steer clear of any pockets of dangerous water. Should a swimmer get caught in a rip current, they are told to swim parallel to the shore in order to escape a rip current before attempting to swim to safety.

Surfer Graeme Lee-Wingate said the conditions on Sunday were "great" for surfing, and he added that thrill-seekers are always making sure to stay safe.

"Everybody's looking out for each other, especially when (the waves) get bigger," he said.

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