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Adorable Danville Calf Has Identity Crisis, Thinks He's A Dog

Baby Goliath was rescued and quickly adopted by a Great Dane named Leonidas.

In "utterly" adorable news of the day, a calf that was rescued by a Bay Area family in Danville is convinced that he's a dog.

The baby cow, named Goliath, was recently rescued from a dairy farm where he was going to be slaughtered, according to his new owner, Shaylee Hubbs, 17. She told Country Living that little Goliath was hardly "strong enough to suck on a milk bottle," and that "the journey to health wasn't an easy one."

Now, Goliath is doing better than ever, but he seems to be in the midst of an identity crisis: The bovine pet has been eating Kibble, dozing off on comfy couches and sitting on dog beds.

The family attributes the case of mistaken identity to the family dog, Leonidas, who took Goliath in when the baby calf came home. Apparently, the Great Dane became a bit of a mother figure to the tiny cow.

"Leonidas would lay down with the sick little cow for hours just to keep him company," Hubbs told Country Living. "They've become best friends."

The story of Leonidas and Goliath has been a hit on social media, where Hubbs first posted a picture of her pets. Since then, the story has garnerned national attention. People just can't seem to get enough.

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