Danville Teacher Asks Will Ferrell to Prom

An East Bay teacher is asking actor and comedian Will Ferrell to be his "date" at his school's upcoming prom.

Chad Cochran, who teaches at San Ramon Valley High School in Danville, posted a YouTube video pleading to Ferrell to join him at the campus' senior ball.

"I am asking you, Will Ferrell, will you please chaperone the senior ball with me?" Cochran asks in the video.

The teacher follows up by saying he is happily married with two children and two dogs. His wife, however, won't be able to attend prom.

Why should Ferrell accept the educator's offer? Cochran has plenty of reasons.

"There's a chocolate fountain," he says in the video. " We can ride on a school bus all the way there with a bunch of teenagers."

Cochran also promises to buy Ferrell a boutonniere from a chain grocery store.

The video was posted on Monday. By late Wednesday it was working its way toward 3,000 views.

San Ramon Valley High School's senior ball is scheduled for May 10 in San Francisco.

If Ferrell accepts Cochran's offer, the teacher said he will wear a black suit and a tie that will match the boutonniere.

Last month, a California teen reached out to Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold in a YouTube video. Like Cochran, the teen was in need of a prom date.

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