San Francisco

Dead Whale Found at Crissy Field Towed to Angel Island for Necropsy

A dead whale is towed to Angel Island.
NBC Bay Area

A dead whale that washed up at Crissy Field in San Francisco was towed to Angel Island Wednesday for a necropsy, officials said.

It wasn't immediately clear how the gray whale died.

The Marine Mammal Center (TMMC) coordinated with the United States Army Corps of Engineers to have the whale towed to Angel Island, where scientists will conduct a necropsy, or animal autopsy, later this week, Giancarlo Rulli from TMMC said.

Rulli said gray and humpback whales are starting to show up in the San Francisco Bay, which is normal for this time of year.

If members of the public see a marine mammal in distress, they're encouraged to call TMMC's 24-hour hotline at 415-289-7325.

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