Deadly Fires Spark Inspection of “Dangerous” Living Conditions in Mission District

The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection is zeroing in on dangerous living conditions in the Mission District after two deadly fires.

Inspectors said they are finding violations and landlords who refuse to bring conditions up to code.

"When we go inspect they remove it and then after we leave they put it back," said Tom Hui with the SF Department of Building Inspection. "We want to make sure they don't do it again."

The Department of Building Inspection director told leaders at city hall Thursday repeat violators no longer get a hearing. His office is asking the city attorney to take immediate action against the landlords.

"Right now we streamline because this is a major issue -- life safety," Hui said.

The department so far has sent three cases to the city attorney's office.

Two landlords interviewed by NBC Bay Area on Thursday said repairs are underway.

People living in dangerous conditions hope legal pressure works.

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