Decision Day for Newsom?

San Fancisco Mayor Gavin newsom could announce as early as Tuesday if he will run for lieutenant governor.

Newsom said he would take the three-day weekend to consider a run. SF Weekly suggests the timing of the (possible) announcement is no coincedince.

If he accepts the voluntary expenditure limit for a statewide run, the deadline to submit a candidate statement for the voters' handbook is Wednesday, Feb. 17. Since the voluntary expenditure limit for the Lt. Gov. race is currently not quite $7 million -- way, way, way more than Newsom amassed in his run for governor -- it stands to reason that he may abide to live within the means of the voluntary limit, meaning it would behoove him to get that information into the pamphlet.

The deadline to formally file is month later, on March 12. Newsom is termed out as mayor in January 2012 and some analysts say once he is out of office and out of the spotlight, he may have a hard time coming back.

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